Privacy Policy

We ask you to carefully read this Privacy Policy, which describes the use we make of the data that you provide us always in accordance with what is required in REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of April 27, 2016 (RGPD), in Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights and other concordant regulations that may be applicable. Our goal is the transparency in the information provided for the proper understanding by any user. However, if after reading this policy you have any kind of doubt, you can always contact us through any of our communication channels and we will clarify any information for you.


Contact details of the person in charge: FRANCISCO JOSÉ GÓMEZ CAMPOS (hereinafter FUTGETHER), with NIF 44787592Z and address located in Avenida Doña Francisquita, nº 14 - 6º C, 41006, Seville (Spain).

Contact information in Data Protection: you can contact us at the mentioned postal address and / or via email at:


We undertake to process the personal data (hereinafter the "data") provided in accordance with the following principles set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD):

• Legality: we will only collect your Personal Data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and we will not process your personal data in a way that is incompatible with the mentioned purposes.

• Legality: in accordance with article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation, your personal data will be managed as long as you express your consent for the processing of this data as a form of outsourcing your will and free and informed consent. Your personal data may be necessary to formalize a contract, agreement or service, in which the interested responsible takes part, to comply with legal obligations, to protect vital interests of the interested and another natural person, to fulfill a mission of public interest or in the exercise of public powers conferred on the data controller or that satisfies the legitimate interests pursued by the data controller when these do not violate the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject or the protection of the data subject's personal data.

• Loyalty and transparency: in accordance with article 5 of the General Data Protection Regulation as a manifestation of transparency and that proof of them is that the interested party is informed of the existence of the treatment operation and its purposes.

• Data minimization: we limit the collection of personal data to what is strictly relevant and necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

• Purpose limitation: we will only collect your personal data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, which we keep in the way we process it.

• Accuracy: we will keep your personal information accurate and up to date.

• Data Security: we apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee the adequate level of security taking into account the risks and nature of the data in order to prevent them from being disclosed or unauthorized personnel from accessing them, or before any loss or alteration. In conclusin, any form of illicit treatment.

• Any person who, having generated their consent for the collection of data, wishes to request any management regarding the treatment, is recognized and may exercise: the right of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation of treatment, portability and of not being subject to individualized decisions. The exercise of it will be free and said request will be corrected within a month to be extended for another two months taking into account exceptional circumstances such as, for example, the number of requests, complexity, or others of a similar nature.

• Principle of limitation of the conservation period: the data will be kept for the necessary time and for the purposes of the treatment without undue delay, and during which, the data of the users and clients will be available to them when they request it.


It will be understood that the user accepts the conditions established from the moment he registers on the web through the forms enabled for this purpose. By leaving your data, you must accept this Privacy Policy, serving as unequivocal consent for the automated processing of your data in accordance with the established privacy conditions.

The data collected is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and specific purposes, which are to provide the information requested by the user about the service and, in the case of wanting to subscribe to a specific event, for proper management administrative, accounting and tax of the client, as well as for monitoring their attendance at the event and the evolution of their statistics.

However, the foregoing, we must indicate that the consent given may in any case be revoked at any time, and at that moment we will stop using them for any purpose that is not related to the provision of services, keeping them blocked for the minimum essential time to respond to possible legal responsibilities.


For what purpose do we process your personal data?

As we have said, we collect certain personal information that is mandatory in many cases and without which it would not be possible to provide the requested service.

In this sense, we treat the data provided by you for the following purposes:

What use will we make of the personal information we use?

To respond to user requests for information through the website. In this case, you will only be asked for the name, email and contact telephone information, necessary to respond to your request.

• In the event of contracting our services, by registering for a specific event, prior registration, you will be asked for other information aimed at being able to adequately monitor and select the user's gaming profile. This profile is only used to select the match in which to fit you, based on your age, gender or level of play, which is explained in greater detail in the Terms and Conditions. In any case, they are necessary data to provide the services and carry out the corresponding follow-up.

• For the exchange of the so-called Futpoints, a points system that FUTGETHER makes available to the user to be able to reward their attendance at events, as well as the data related to their participation, including, for example, the goals scored (all within the recreational and leisure area that FUTGETHER makes available to the user), the user's attendance at the matches will be monitored, publishing the statistics in the public part of the web, under an alias that the user chooses and that it may be modified whenever it wishes, with the premise that it is never identifiable for third parties. However, these same statistics may also be published in the private space reserved for the user on the page with their real data, having access to them, in any case, only the rest of the registered users.

• Likewise, certain images of the participants in the matches may be captured with a dual purpose:

1. - On one hand, in order to be able to send the participants, within the recreational field that FUTGETHER seeks at all times, so that they can have a memory of their participation, both individually and of those with whom they have shared a team. These photographs will be available and can be downloaded through private access on the user registration and only for members of the FUTGETHER Community. In this case, it is reported that the use that the user makes of images in which third participants appear must be responsible in any case, keeping due privacy and not posting it on social networks or giving it another type of dissemination without authorization from those third parties. The idea of ​​FUTGETHER is that these images serve as entertainment for the participants themselves, within the exclusively private sphere.

2.- On the other hand, and also as long as this use is authorized by the user, certain images may be used to broadcast the events organized by FUTGETHER. Sometimes the images will not allow identifying the participants, but on other occasions it may allow it, without the use being other than promoting the organized events and being able to show an idea of ​​the possibilities of participating in our games. The dissemination can occur through social media channels, website, external websites linked to the PROVIDER or through third parties in general. FUTGETHER will obtain the prior authorization, separately, of the users who wish to give their consent for the capture of their images for this purpose. In any case, the PROVIDER, as far as possible, will try to prevent the publications from identifying the people who appear in them, although this cannot be guaranteed.

In both cases, if the user gives said authorization, it will not have a specific geographical scope, referring to all the uses that the photographs may have, or parts of them, using currently known technical means and those that could be developed in the future, and for any application. All this with the sole exception and limitation of those uses or applications that could threaten the right to honor in the terms provided in Organic Law 1/85, of May 5, on Civil Protection of the Right to Honor, Personal and Family Privacy and to the Own Image.


To enter the restricted access areas and be able to register for the different events, users must have the corresponding access codes. FUTGETHER reserves the right to freely accept or reject the registration request of any user. The data entered by users must be accurate, current, truthful and will be processed and treated in compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data.

Users will be responsible in all cases for the custody of their access codes, so they will be exclusively responsible for any damages that may arise from improper use of it, as well as its loss or any other circumstance that may arise. suppose a risk of access to use of the same by unauthorized third parties. Users must immediately notify FUTGETHER so that it can proceed to block and replace it.


The period of conservation of personal data will vary depending on the purpose for which the user provides them. In the event that information is requested through the contact form, the minimum time essential to be able to respond to said request will be kept, following up on it. In the event that the user registers and registers for a match, the data may be kept to be used in the follow-up of the participation statistics and for the follow-up of the scoring system through the so-called Futpoints, aimed at the user can track their participation and at the same time they will be used to deliver prizes to outstanding users, based on the criteria contained in the Terms and Conditions. In the event that the user registers recurrently to the matches, the points system will be updated, keeping this data for the statistics for a maximum period of two years from the last participation, incrementally, so that the user will have available at all times the statistical data for the current year and for the immediately preceding year.

In the event that a user has a period of inactivity equal to or more than eight months, not participating in any event or match, their information will be deleted, and if at any time they resume participation in the matches, they must start from the beginning as far as statistics and futpoints are concerned.

However, both in one case the user may revoke his consent at any time and his data will be deleted from the statistics section. In the case of the data provided for registration prior to registration in a match, without prejudice to ceasing to use them to provide the service or for the purposes of the aforementioned statistics, by legal obligation we will keep your data blocked during the prescription periods of the obligations that may have arisen from the treatment and / or the applicable legal deadlines, remaining at the disposal of the competent authorities, for the attention of the possible responsibilities arising from the treatment.

By blocking the data, in accordance with article 17.3 RGPD, the right of "retention" is understood as an exception to the obligation to delete. This means that the data will not be used or accessible to anyone, and that it will only be used in the event that there is any legal requirement or liability claim in relation to them. After the statutory limitation period in each case, it will be permanently eliminated.


We process your data on the legal basis of your consent. In any case, the user will have full rights over their personal data and the use thereof and may exercise them at any time.

The collection of certain minimum information is, as we have said, mandatory to provide you with the appropriate service, either to provide you with information that you request, or to register for the events organized by FUTGETHER. At all times the data collected is relevant and in no case excessive, since no data is requested that is not necessary for the purposes established in one case or another. In the case of the data requested in the registration, they are necessary for participation in the specific match. Information such as address, gender or level of play are essential in order to provide the user with the best service, being able to register them in the match that corresponds to their locality, or the place closest to it, as well as the level of play, to To be able to organize the matches in such a way that the participants can have a similar level that allows the activity to be carried out in the best competitive conditions, with a view to its adequate enjoyment by all those registered.


Who do we give your data to?

FUTGETHER will only transfer the data of registered users who register as participants in a certain activity in the event that the sports facilities of the owner of these request them for an adequate control of attendance. This will not occur in all cases, but if it were necessary, FUTGETHER guarantees the signing of the corresponding data access contract, in accordance with article 28 of the RGPD, in order to ensure both the adequate confidentiality of the transferred data, as well as the guarantee that no unauthorized use will be made, or outside the intended purposes, by the owner of the installation.

Apart from the foregoing, FUTGETHER will not transfer your data, except to competent Public Bodies, Tax Agency, State Security Forces and Bodies, Judges and Courts, when it has the legal obligation to provide them.


How can the rights be exercised?

We inform you that in all the cases mentioned in which it is necessary to collect your data, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation of treatment and portability by writing to the Responsible at the address indicated above or at the email address email:

If you consider that your request has not been dealt with correctly or your data is not being processed properly, you can direct your claims to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, the control body of the matter in Spain.


Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation recognizes the right of the interested party to know if their personal data is being processed or not and the purposes of the treatment, the categories of data, the recipients, the origin of the data, the period of conservation and the criteria for determining said term. Thus, the person responsible for the treatment will provide a copy of the personal data object of treatment by means of electronic format upon presentation of the request.

They may also request from the person in charge: the rectification, deletion or limitation of data and treatment.

In order to make it easier for the user to exercise this right, we provide you through the following link the form that you must complete for your request:


Articles 16 and 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation establish in the matter of rectification and deletion of personal data that the client or user requests the rectification of their personal data because they consider these inaccurate or that these are completed or eliminated because they are not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and processed.

In order to make it easier for the user to exercise this right, we provide you through the following link the form that you must complete for your request:


The interested party shall have the right to obtain from the data controller the limitation of the processing of the data provided that they contest the accuracy of the personal data. That is, the data may only be processed, with the exception of its conservation, with the consent of the interested party, for the exercise or defense of claims, protect the rights of another natural or legal person or for reasons of public interest of the company. Union or a specific Member State. In addition, this will be informed by the person in charge before the lifting of said limitation.

In order to make it easier for the user to exercise this right, we provide you through the following link the form that you must complete for your request:


Article 20 of the General Data Protection Regulation recognizes the right of the interested party to receive the personal data that concern him, that is, it is transmitted directly from the person in charge to the person in charge whenever it is technically possible, in a structured format, of common use and reading without being prevented by the person in charge to whom it had been provided, when the consent has been expressly outsourced or through a contract.

In order to make it easier for the user to exercise this right, we provide you through the following link the form that you must complete for your request:


Only users who are at least 18 years old can participate in events organized by FUTGETHER.

In any case, the RESPONSIBLE will take all possible measures to verify the age of the users, reserving the right not to accept certain requests if they have reasonable doubts about the age of the user. However, he cannot be held responsible for any breach in this regard.


FUTGETHER will implement the technical and organizational security measures necessary to guarantee the security of personal data in accordance with the provisions of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of April 27, 2016 (RGPD), thus avoiding the loss, alteration and unauthorized access to them.

The user is responsible for not transferring the data of his account to third parties, so that it is not accessible by unauthorized persons. Otherwise, AUTONOMOS PYMES ASESORIA ONLINE S.L.P. guarantees that the security measures adopted in relation to your account also comply with the security standards in terms of data protection.

In any case, and if despite complying with all the necessary security measures, the web suffers a security breach that may affect its legitimate interests or rights, FUTGETHER undertakes to inform the Authority within a maximum period of 72 hours. Control, in this case the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and all users who may have been affected.


International Data Transfer is understood as communication of your personal data to countries located outside the European Union, and more specifically outside the European Economic Area (EEA). There are exceptions from countries outside of this European space that are not considered an international transfer as the recipients are countries that the European Data Protection Commission considers appropriate for complying with European standards in data protection.

In any event, FUTGETHER does not currently transfer personal information outside the EEA. In the event of doing so in the future, either because the data is stored on a server outside the borders of the EEA, or for any other reason, this Privacy Policy will be modified to inform the user of this, requesting their consent for such international transfer.


The personal data that may be collected will be treated with absolute confidentiality, committing ourselves to keep them secret, except for their use and transfer within the framework of the services provided, which you accept from the moment you register, and guaranteeing the duty to keep them by adopting all necessary measures to prevent their alteration, loss and unauthorized treatment or access, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.


The user will be solely responsible for filling in the forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information.

In case of modifying the data, the user must provide them to the Responsible for an adequate update of said data.


The requirements of this Privacy Policy complement, and do not replace, any other existing requirement under the applicable data protection legislation. In case of contradiction between what is included in this Policy and the requirements in the applicable data protection regulations, the latter will have priority.

FUTGETHER reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy, according to its own criteria, always in accordance with the regulations, or motivated especially by changes in the Service, Web, or by legislative, jurisprudential or doctrinal changes of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.

Any modification of the Privacy Policy will be published before its effective application. When this occurs, we will notify you of any changes and ask you to re-read the most recent version of our Privacy Policy and confirm your acceptance. You can also check this Policy periodically on this website, where it will be visible.

Privacy Policy updated to May 15, 2021